“The composer's real strength lies in his succulent orchestration for just four crack musicians.  Jack Ridley directs from the keyboard and gets energised performances from everyone.”  Mark Valencia, What'sOnStage

"There is a practised economy to Hepplewhite's score, directed here from the piano by Jack Ridley, with violin, viola and percussion combining in expansive phrases that conjure up open skies, or staccato bursts that evoke the tense static of the aircraft radio."  Opera (£), June 2017

"The creative team behind the show is to be fully congratulated...the MD of the brilliant live band, Jack Ridley." hattydaze

"My children were engaged throughout" The Gingerbread House

"Thank you! ... I enjoyed the piano music" Anon pupil, Sacred Heart Catholic High School, Newcastle upon Tyne

Poole library

Article by Robert Thicknesse on Silver Electra for Opera Now (March 2017)